About us

Agropride LLC – the manufacturer of agriculture machines and equipment having own designers and fully closed production cycle.

Agropride was established in 2010 and started like small trading company, subsequently grew into a production enterprise with a production area of more than 3,000 m2.

Our regular customers are the biggest Ukrainian enterprises and more than 2000 companies like small family farms and huge agroholdings in Ukraine and abroad. We offer our customers very effective decisions and technologically approved products with individual attention to every request.  

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Own production
Full cycle of production on own equipment, powder paint
Design department
Experienced specialists, modern software for 3D modeling and load calculation
More than 10 years on the market
Agropride LLC was founded in 2010. Reliability. Full production cycle
> 1000 satisfied customers
Our clients are both small farms and large agricultural holdings

Tillage units

Understanding modern tendencies and modern agriculture technologies our company designed a wide range of tillage machines. With the help of Agropride cultivators our customers easily could fullfill good quality, nature friendly and economically effective cultivation.

Subsoiler Gorynych - its a wide range of subsoilers which is designed and produced by Agropride LLC, from 2 up to 6,5 meters with wide range of different options like for small family farms and the hugest agroholdings.

One of the advantages of Gorynych subsoiler is the changeable space between tines that helps to settle the machine for every field situation from maize residues to very dry soil conditions without any residues at all. Gorynych is equiped with a roller the type of which customer can choose when machine ordered. Agropride offers 8 roller variants for different conditions and purposes. Gorynych can be even without any roller and the working depth is controlled with the wheels.  

Multifunctional cultivator Gryfon  - its heavy duty rotary hoe, disc VertiTill machine, short shallow disc machine and tine cultivator combined in one machine for main cultivation and seedbed preparation in any conditions.

The multifunctionality of our machine is achieved by strong two lines frame and strong tines placed in 2 rows.  The tines are mounted with the help of fast fixed brackets specially designed for fast, strong and reliable fixation of tines equiped with needed tools and fixed with the needed spacing for any job. By changing only working tools and tines spacings you could easily get completely different machines. 

Gorynych StripTill – the machine for StripTill technology, that was created in the close cooperation with end user. It was the an enterprise with foreign investments that has huge StripTill experience with different machines like made in EU and USA. 

Like: Kverneland Kultistrip, Kuhn Gladiator, Orthman, Stripcat. Joint working group collected and analyzed work experience that helped us to design and produce strong, reliable and highly effective machine for striptill. 

Disc machine Vertitill – is in design stage. if any questions please let us know. We are strongly interested in test partners.

Stuble cultivator – is in design stage. if any questions please let us know. We are strongly interested in test partners.

Spare parts

We started our production like a manufacturer of wearing parts for cultivators, subsoilers, planters and drills for machines produced in Ukraine and abroad. Having a business with farmers that faced experience of using different machines we have collected very valuable experience in production of discs, openers, openers brackets, row cleaners of different models and design, Vertitill discs, cultivator tines,  chisel shanks, rollers of different design,  which are more than competitive on the market.

Metalworking services

Agropride provides metalworking services for anyone who needs. We have a lot of different metalworking equipment and easily could provide service. Among them: plasma cutting of metal on a CNC machine, metal turning and milling, heat treatment of metal, welding works, blasting and painting of metal structures.

Ventilation equipment

Many of our customers very often told us that its to cheap to sell their goods and too expensive to store on grain elevators and they do not have possibility to store grain on the farm.   Having studied the European and domestic experience we made a conclusion that warehouses of the floor type have the best price/quality ratio. Also, its very important that there are a lot of warehouses of floor type are already build in Ukraine. The only limitation is the absence of aeration systems.

Agropride offers designing, production and servicing aeration systems in warehouses of the floor type, calculation and selection of fans of the required capacity and full support of the project.

We have an experience for the project of any difficulty. The biggest fulfilled project - aeration system in  warehouses of the floor type  with the embankment height  18 meters!!


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